How can companies pursue economic as well as ecological and social objectives? On the 25th of September I will give a one day seminar on relevant CSR trends and issues in the beautiful castle in Lautrach. You can also find an interview with me on various aspects of CSR on the website of the seminar centre Schloss Lautrach.
CSR and workplace health management are trend topics. Escpecially burnout prophylaxis gets more important. How to gain resilience? Click here for my advice or download my ebook.
For me, it matters to work responsibly and to make this firm belief transparent. Thus, I declare conformity with the “German Sustainability Code“. The report is available online.
What do sustainability and CSR have in common with the idea of an inner balance? The concentration on essentials creates space for the new. I just gave an interview about this attitude. Its headline: "Less is more?" (available in German).
Christine Pehl

Business Coach
Consultant & Lecturer

for value based Corporate Governance
Christine Pehl

How I work: Creating place

I work value based and structured. This foundation gives me the freedom and composure to create place for my clients.

  • Time and place for exchange and a change of views.
  • Place for vitality, for chaos and (new) order.
  • Place for concentration, relaxation and calmness.
  • Place for things remarkable, private and true.

I will lead you through these places depending on your situation…

  • as your partner of clarification: I am an external counterpart
  • as your sparring partner: I encounter you as a dedicated counterpart on an equal footing
  • like a companion: I accompany you on part of your way.

I am led by my deepest beliefs:

  • I appreciate every human and believe that the solutions and answers are deep down in every one of us.
  • My view of the world is led by the idea of living a “good life”: How does the individual live? How do we live together in the best possible way?
  • Entrepreneurs have a great creative power: An entrepreneur “enterprises”.
  • Movement and change (“travelling”) are significant these days in every aspect. Everything rigid will break.
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