How can companies pursue economic as well as ecological and social objectives? On the 25th of September I will give a one day seminar on relevant CSR trends and issues in the beautiful castle in Lautrach. You can also find an interview with me on various aspects of CSR on the website of the seminar centre Schloss Lautrach.
CSR and workplace health management are trend topics. Escpecially burnout prophylaxis gets more important. How to gain resilience? Click here for my advice or download my ebook.
For me, it matters to work responsibly and to make this firm belief transparent. Thus, I declare conformity with the “German Sustainability Code“. The report is available online.
What do sustainability and CSR have in common with the idea of an inner balance? The concentration on essentials creates space for the new. I just gave an interview about this attitude. Its headline: "Less is more?" (available in German).
Christine Pehl

I can advise on Corporate Social Responsibility…

… and support companies in all aspects of CSR: from the strategic analysis to the concrete build up and CSR Reporting and on to further development.

What is CSR

“Corporate Social Responsibility” is a creative method of doing business. The core underlying idea is sustainable corporate governance at all levels. Companies have an enormous creative power and are therefore driving forces for developments within society.

There are three classic CSR pillars which can be defined as follows:

  • Economic sustainability
    Ethical business conduct and transparency are fundamental concepts. The focus lies on responsibility-orientated business models and strategies, yet economic success is equally important for the long term subsistence of a company.
  • Ecological sustainability
    The company considers environmental impacts as a part of every process.
    Usually this concerns material and energy usage in administration, production, warehousing and distribution.
  • Social sustainability
    Good employees are not a coincidence, but rather the product of inspired company management. A productive relationship to suppliers, the community and other stakeholders is another vital objective for securing the subsistence of a company. Externally, the company takes social responsibility for example by supporting charitable projects.
The culture and values at the heart of each company is always central to this sustainability.

My CSR background

I spent eight years as Head of CSR and three years as a commissioner of the foundation for a company which is considered a prime example for CSR and has received many awards for it. I am therefore experienced in every aspect of CSR. Furthermore I am a lecturer in CSR, cooperate with numerous CSR networks and committees and have even used my experience at political level in Berlin and Brussels.

Partner of the "Geman Sustainability Code"

As an associated trainer of the "German Sustainability Code" I am committed to an understandable and appropriate reporting for mid-size businesses on their activities related to sustainability and CSR. Please find further information here.
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