Business Coach
Consultant & Lecturer

for value based Corporate Governance
Christine Pehl


Hereinafter a range of assignments and clients:

Business Coach

  • Owner of a mechanical engineering company: Sale or shutdown of the company?
  • Entrepreneur in PR and marketing: Prioritization and sale of a company segment?
  • Project manager in social business: Taking the step to self employment?
  • Executive in publishing: Crisis of purpose - professional transition to a different line of business?

Lecturer in CSR and value based corporate governance

CSR-counselling and networking

  • Member of a panel of CSR experts: Expert advice on CSR for the ministry of family and work led by Ursula von der Leyen
  • Networking for the charitable enterprise Papilio: Contact with foundations, companies, ministries, CSR-platforms
  • CSR-reporting and counselling for Betapharm Pharmaceuticals GmbH
  • CSR-reporting and counselling for Dr. Ausbüttel & Co. GmbH

Prizes and Awards

Awards in the sector of CSR



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